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Enable RCS message in any Android Phone


Google recently included RCS-Based Chat Experience in Google Messages application globally (also for India). We are all aware of Google’s attempt to build competition against WhatsApp and telegram as ALLO and HANGOUT.

It is not rolled out in production yet but still, will it be a complete WhatsApp, knowing the fact it’s mostly dependent on carriers. Will google be able to get carriers around the globe onboard.

Particularly in India JIO has initiated adoption for it but still, remaining carriers/ operators have to adapt it and it will be hard for them because in a way it will cut their SMS revenue.

Eventually, all will adapt to RCS. GSMA based SMS service is there from the last 27 years, the update is due for a long time. Now it’s interesting to see how Google will promote RCS as a replacement to GSMA based SMS service.

Full-Form of RCS – Rich Communication Services

RCS-Based SMS protocol is also known as SMS+, providing features like:

  • High-res photo & file sharing
  • Secure payment
  • Location sharing
  • Typing indicator
  • Better group chat functionality

1. How to Enable RCS for Supported Android Phones:

Step 1: Install the latest Google Messages App

At the very first step, lets download and install the Google Messages App from the play store.


Step 2: Enable chat function 

By default, this feature is disabled we have to manually enable this feature.

To enable this feature you have to open the app then tap the three dots in the upper-right corner and go to Settings—>General —>Chat Features.

Step 3: Verify your mobile number

When you enable the RCS feature, it asks to verify your mobile number because this feature also depends on your signal carrier.

Verify your mobile number by entering your number and then clicking on the verify button.


Step 4: Voila you have it

After the verification, you can see the RCS options in your typing box like the below screenshot.

2. Enable RCS for any carrier on not Supported Android Phones:

The RCS feature is not supported by all Android phones or all carriers. If your android phone does not support RCS or your mobile carrier not supported it then you can follow the below steps to enable it.

1): Install the beta version of  Google Messages

In unsupported devices, you have to install the beta version of the google messages app form the app store.

Make sure you join the beta else you will not able to see the beta versions of any app in the Appstore.

For Join the beta app tester on play store, click on the below link and click on Become A Tester.


2): Install Activity Launcher


3): Don’t open Google Messages  if you already have it go to app info and force close it

4): Turn off Wi-Fi as well.

5): Open Activity Launcher app

6): Tap on Recent Activities and select All Activities

7): Scroll down to the list to find “Android Messages”  tap on it.

8): Choose Set RCS Flags


9): Right under the ACS URL section, choose ‘“http://rcs-acs-prod-us.sandbox” And then, tap on Apply.


10): Choose OTP Pattern and tap on Your\sMessenger\sverification\scode\sis\sG-(\d{6}


11): Click on Apply

12): Check the Status of RCS service

Goto Google Messages—->  Settings —–> Chat Features ——> Status


Google once again trying to provide an alternative of WhatsApp and other messaging apps. Let’s see this time will google make it or not. You can share your thoughts about this and also can give suggestions in the comment section.

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