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BULK SMS Tips Will Pump Up Your Sales Almost Instantly


Before going into the details of promoting the business using BULK SMS Tips, let us first start understanding what is Bulk SMS.

As the name itself suggests, Bulk SMS is simply sending a significant number of SMS simultaneously. The use of bulk SMS can be very wide and depends on the nature of business and usage.

For example, a simple food cafe can use the service to promote the business by providing various offers daily. Also, use the same service to notify the customer on their bill payments.

It is also useful for very large scale businesses. For example, SBI can use the Bulk SMS service to notify the customer about their current transactions. An OTP is sent via bulk SMS service. They also use the Bulk SMS service for general notice and suggestions.


With the above thoughts in mind, now it’s easy for us to understand the categories of Bulk SMS services.


I am sure you have heard about a lot of categories but there are only two basic variants of Bulk SMS :

  1. Transactional Bulk SMS
  2. Promotional Bulk SMS

Now skipping the good to know information. Let’s jump to the core and understand how we can make the bulk SMS useful to kick the sales up high using these 5 Simple BULK SMS Tips.

I have done a lot of survey and analysis to get to the chest. Below are the useful tips that will help you grow with Bulk SMS marketing

  1. Target your specific audience, build a list of customers
  2. Make the SMS catchy and crisp
  3. Use effective technology for the customer to reach back
  4. Match the effective timing – When will the SMS give the highest impact.
  5. The frequency of Bulk SMS

1: Target your specific audience, build a list of customers

The must recommendation for initiating a Bulk SMS campaign is to decide the audience. The audience must show maximum interest in the promotions that you are offering. As much as the data is important, it is essentially important to target your audience efficiently.

Here is an example, you have a beauty store where you collect the contact number of the customer walking in for billing purposes. Now that is the most effective data. You just need to create a list and keep updating it on a daily basis and you will have your own premium data for Bulk SMS.


2:Make the SMS catchy and crisp

This is an important part most of the marketing individuals miss. Content is the crucial part and it makes a direct impression on the reader. Value your customers time and add value to the content you prepare for Bulk SMS. Below is an example to best understand what I might be trying to convey.


3: Use effective technology for the customer to reach back

Now the technology is well developed to provide whatever you can think of and the same goes with Bulk SMS as well.

We can have a feature of embedding the link to our website or blog in the SMS content, we can even have a click to call function and click to book function in the Bulk SMS itself.

itsupportwale provides the latest technology for the Bulk SMS marketing.


4: Match the effective timing – When will the SMS give highest impact.

This bullet is self-explanatory, and I don’t think much description is needed to any of us for understanding how critical is the role of timing in sending a Bulk SMS.

Depending on the audience and nature of the business, it varies. For example, if a Stock adviser wants to send a tip to his client, that has to be very specific depending on the market opening and closing. In the same way, if I want to promote my food chain business, if would prefer multiple reminders and will take the time accordingly.


5: The frequency of Bulk SMS

This factor is very much dependent on the nature of the business. Just as we discussed the food chain marketing needs multiple reminders and constant efforts to keep the customer. More the frequency of the Bulk SMS, better is the result of your campaign.


In this article, we concluded the 5 most important tips for increasing your sales using BULK SMS marketing.

Share your thoughts in the comment section. Happy Learning…!

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